Stairways To Heaven began early in 2010 to serve the Inspirational Needs of Canadians, to guide you on Your Spiritual Journey with Products of Quality sourced from Around the World.

The Ladder Rosary, also known to many as the Stairway To Heaven Rosary serves as our personal source of inspiration, make it yours!





Saintly Devotion

The Rewards of a Life dedicated to Christ, and the ability to perform miracles honour those individuals we call "Saint".

Their figure is available in many forms including: Medals, Statues, Chaplets and Prayer Cards.


The Crucifix

The Crucifix reminds us all of the Sacrifice Jesus made by dying for our sins.

Constructed in a wide variety of materials and sizes this time honoured symbol of the Catholic Faith serves as an adornment in any Home, or worn with a necklace as an outward sign of one's commitment. 



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